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"Nolan has consistently monitored my progress throughout the entire 12-week program I purchased and I am now almost finished. My goal over the 12-week period was to get as lean as possible while maintaining my muscle mass. I have never been so strong and lean in my entire life. My body has been transforming every week and I’m on a straight and narrow path to reaching my goal. Nolan always responds right away to his emails and text messages to make sure I am staying on top of the program, where as coaches in the past would not get back to me for several days. He has a vast amount of knowledge in nutrition and training. I plan to continue working with Nolan for years to come and I couldn’t recommend him more highly!''


''Nolan is amazing! He is always available to answer my questions, and he is always a step ahead by sending me my new customized program to review before the week begin. I know he genuinely cares about my success! It's definitely a plus that he understands the struggle of balancing work and maintaining top fitness levels as he has experienced the same difficulties with so many clients over the years. Awesome Coach! ''


"Nolan really knows his stuff! He is also deeply philosophical, articulate, and eager to pulverize the psychological barriers that stand in the way of progress. Both my mind and my body are in better shape, thanks to Nolan. Training with this Champion may be the best decision I've ever made.''


About a year ago I received surgery on my shoulder. Several pins in my labrum and a cut bicep tendon. I felt as if I'd never get back in shape. Long days and nights of laying in bed, taking pain killers while drinking started to get the best of me. I became depressed.


While scrolling through my newsfeed one day on Facebook I stumbled across an old buddy that was very successful, not only in the gym community, coaching and being in phenomenal shape, but as charismatic and kind hearted individual who would take strides to help and mentor his clients.


I contacted Nolan immediately, requesting help. Letting him know my current situation and my limitations. He responded promptly and worked with me so I could better understand workouts that best suited me.


The workouts were tough, but that's good. I didn't want easy. I wanted to be the best version of myself as possible. Nolan would contact me frequently and stay on top of me. Reminding me that he was there and giving me advice a long the way. 


Now, 8 months after my surgery. I'm in better shape than I was pre-surgery. I have more energy and I'm not feeling sorry for myself anymore. I'm a beast and I have Nolan to thank for that. 


So, simply put. He's the best. 


''This is the third month I have trained with Nolan. Training with Nolan has taught me not just what exercises to do, but how to make sure I do them correctly. He not only makes sure that you are programming your workouts correctly and using proper form, but he also hits on the small details, such as grip and stance, which can make a big difference. He gave me a nutrition plan that worked wonders for me, and I have so much more energy than before. Nolan's personal training and nutritional program has transformed my energy levels. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their physique and fitness levels.''


''Great trainer! I really enjoy Nolan's training style. The motivation, and personal attention makes it worth every penny. He makes me feel comfortable while always pushing me to get to the next level. He monitors every aspect of my diet and supplementation. All I do is follow his guidelines and the results speak for themselves.''


"Smart, reasoned, and experienced advice and training is what you'll get from Nolan King. He's attuned to your personal needs and experiences and demonstrates that through nuanced feedback. Rarely have I worked with a professional who proves so consistently correct. I wouldn't hesitate to learn and to practice fitness, body building, and physical aesthetics from him. Finally, his personal demeanor and style is direct, constructive while supportive as you go through his program."


''I've been training with Nolan for the past six months and it's been a great experience. We started off working out twice a week and then kicked it up to four times a week because I knew I was in expert hands. From being game to workout with me early in the morning to working around my travel schedule, Nolan has been committed to keeping me on track while being accommodating. Training isn't something I naturally enjoy so it's been great to have him guide me and mix up what we do in each session, which has really helped me stick to 4x/week workouts. Additionally, it's clear he knows how the body works and is great about creating workarounds to manage my injuries--I feel like he's done a great job of pushing me while making sure we're properly handling limitations. Knowledge, professionalism and expertise aside, I think it's important to like and get along with your trainer, and Nolan is definitely a great guy who makes our sessions enjoyable and go by quickly! With all that said, I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Nolan for professional training services.''


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